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By Rachel Bull, 05/14/2015 - 11:52


Once upon a time I was upstairs in one of my favorite shops in the world - Paperchase in Manchester - and I discovered a sublime entity. It was called UPPERCASE magazine. It was somewhere between a magazine, a book and a wonderland. It seemed to cover themes such as pattern and fabric, characters and clouds, colour and paper cutting, broadcasting and typography, and described itself as 'a magazine for the creative and curious'. After several browsing visits I bought an issue (it's not cheap for a magazine but very reasonable for a wonderland!). It was this one. I was attracted by the clouds and the diversity of illustrations.

Janine Vangool is the woman behind UPPERCASE magazine. I subscribed to her weekly newsletter and enjoyed reading her emails for the creative and curious. Several years after my first purchase she announced she was making a spring 2015 Printmaking Issue. As if this was not exciting enough in itself, I got to feature in it as part of a showcase of 75 printmakers from around the world! I am very proud to be included in it's sumptuous pages!

You will find woodcuts and lino prints...

...screen and monoprints...

...letterpress and an A-Z of Printmaking Terms...

...and more in depth articles for example about the wonderful wallpaper designer Martha Armitage:

The issue is soon to be in the shops in the UK,
more specifically, in the north it is stocked in:
PAPERCHASE in Manchester
MAGMA in Manchester
THE HEART GALLERY in Hebden Bridge
THE TATE in Liverpool

And you can visit the UPPERCASE website here: http://uppercasemagazine.com/