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By Rachel Bull, 06/22/2017 - 09:49

Summer Visitors

So Spirals Shop in Hebden Bridge invited me to be part of a group exhibition entitled Summer Days. I decided I would do some new work responding to the brief and wanted to create a series of prints based on migrating species in the UK. My series is called Summer Visitors.

'Swifts. Summer Visitors'

The prints are a celebration of the summer visitors that fill our skies and lighten our hearts. They also have titles that can be interpreted to reference the migration of the human species and how differently this migration is sometimes seen. I wanted to mix up a few techniques, mainly linocut and stencil screenprinting to create small editions of prints. Here is a look at the results. The whole exhibition is great and well worth a visit.

'Gannets. In from the Open Sea.'

'Curlew. EU Migrants.'

'Painted Ladies. Pollinators Arriving From the Desert.'