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By Rachel Bull, 05/14/2017 - 11:10

Not All Walls Are Bad

Generally I prefer Bridges to Walls but I couldn't refuse when the National Trust at Hardcastle Crags asked me if I would decorate a wall in their cafe with my artwork. The reason for this is to advertise the fact that their shop at Gibson Mill will soon be selling a range of my products. They will be selling my woodpecker, owl, squirrel and fox ranges as well as my Hardcastle Crags collection. So here's part of the finished wall:

The wall space was a strip 8m long between two pre-existing batons so I decided to make it like a window into the woods. I wanted to create a bold ascetic and a three dimensional feel and planned to achieve this by a mixture of
1) attaching plywood trees to the front of the batons,
2) painting onto the wall with acrylic paint, and
3) hanging my framed original lino and screenprints along the wall as part of the design.

This is how it started... fun with plywood and a jigsaw.

And here's the wall/blank canvas:

Here's me getting busy with the roller:

And the paintbrush...

And I think it is finished now, although it's always tempting to go and do a bit more...