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By Rachel Bull, 01/02/2020 - 19:31

'Impressed' - New Artwork 2019 #1

In March, together with the more advanced printmakers in my print classes at Northlight Art Studios, we put on 'Impressed', a collective exhibition to celebrate the array of printmaking that goes on here. It was a great success, the opening night was buzzing and everyone made multiple sales. I decided to make some long thin prints based on migratory species. They are of swallows and grey whales and have a background layer of maps that show their long journeys.

They celebrate the wonders of nature and the migratory habits of these two particular species. They also makes parallels with human migration as this is not so celebrated. Animals migrate for a number of reasons: temperature, to escape predators or to have more daylight... and so do humans. The prints use linocut and collagraph techniques.
Here are some photos:


‘Freedom of Movement’

I also made some small swallow collagraph prints and some drypoint etchings of grey whales because I felt the technique could well represent the grey scratchy barnacle covered skin of these beautiful creatures.

Plus take a look around the rest of the exhibition...